Dear Customers,

I am pleased to introduce our company to you and  to invite you to cooperate with      us.

Zapolex company was established in 1990. Present-day "Zapolex" Toruń Graphic Company Ltd. were founded as a result of ownership transformations in 1994.

We wish to take advantage of everything that is best in the printing tradition in Toruń. What is most important to us is the respect for good work and the fact that the product is not only the work of a machine, but most of all it is a work of a man. We want a human touch to be visible above the modern technology we use.

We are awareof the fact  that the requirements of our current and future customers are higher and higher. The art of printing is constantly changing, just like the whole world around us. Colours and shapes of prints are becoming more expansive. We are not staying behind. We have a solid, well grounded position on the typographic market. We gained such a position thanks to the good quality, prices that are favourable for both parties as well as to the fact that we do not  fail to meet the deadlines.

The  proof of our professionalism is the trust of our customers, not only in Poland but throughout Europe.
I would like to invite you to watch our promotional movie, presenting "ZAPOLEX" Printing House, our production capacity and achievements, and above all invite you to cooperate with us.

Yours faithfully,
Jolanta Polkowska