CtP Department

  • CtP preparation room:

  • AGFA AVALON platesetter,
  • AGFA AVALON platesetter,
  • EPSON SCT 7000 plotter,
  • EPSON Sct 5000 plotter,
  • EPSON 4900 proofer,
  • Kodak Prinergy system

CtP department is equipped with two independent CtP systems. The company has an integrated Kodak Prinergy workflow thanks to which many prepress processes were automated. The implementation of an automated integrated Prinergy  workflow system at prepress stage enabled automation of works that previously were done manually and increase of control over the printing process. The resulting integration helps to decrease costs, reduce the number of errors connected to data input, improve communication and build a more effective environment – that is operate more efficiently. From the client's point of view online Kodak InSite online material acceptance portal is an important part of the system. With its help the client file approval time is shortened to an indispensable minimum. The client can view the material online with no need to travel or post the materials. The files are processed automatically. One of the assets of using the portal is a quicker client reaction to any problems that may occur in relation to the source material as well as quicker approval. Online communication saves time and money. The portal is available in 17 languages, thanks to which there are no obstacle in providing services to clients from abroad. InSite saves time for both sides of the order.

Prinergy system is connected to two fully automatic Agfa Avalon N8-24S platesetters able to set up to 48 B1 format plates per hour. Such configuration allows to react quickly to a constantly changing production and ensuring its continuity.

CtP department is also equipped with a digital proof system. KPS (Kodak Proofing Software) is a part of the Kodak workflow we have. Cooperating with Epson Stylus Pro 4900 with an in-line spectrophotometre allows to produce a certified proof according to Fogra standards.