ISO 14001:2015

Environmental Policy

Zapolex Sp. z o.o. strives for constant improvement of organisation in order to obtain and maintain the highest quality of the offered services and at the same time ensure the lowest possible influence on the natural environment in the scope of printing services (preparation, print and framing).

We carry out our current business activity and new investments/undertakings in compliance with the current law regulations. According to the principle of balanced development we maintain environmental balance and we care about the aesthetic qualities of environment, taking into consideration the current and future needs of the society. Wherever necessary, we establish and obey internal norms and provisions in compliance with the current legal regulations. Following the rules of environmental protection is aided by the execution of ISO 14001:2015.

Prevention principle

With concern for the environment we apply appropriate technologies, procedures and processes ensuring optimal level of natural resources consumption, substances and energy emissions into the environment, condition of earth surface and water. We protect our employees and the society, in which we operate through applying safe technologies and operational procedures, prevention and preparation concerning potential accidents. 

Information principle

We inform interested parties and persons, including our employees as well as the employees of our service providers, cooperating subcontractors and business contractors, about obligations resulting from the environmental management system implemented in Zapolex Sp. z o.o. according to the ISO 14001:2015 norm. We encourage them to be active in operations related to environment protection. 


Constant improvement principle

We undertake subsequent tasks aimed at diminishing the adverse influence on the environment, by, among others: limiting the consumption of natural resources, harmful substances and energy emission into the environment, the risk of polluting waters and earth surface as well as increasing in the level of waste reuse. We try to extend the positive environmental influence through undertaking subsequent tasks. All the employees of Zaploex Sp. z o.o. are engaged in carrying out this environmental policy. The environmental policy is available for everyone interested. The environmental policy is subject to regular inspections during management inspection. It is also the indicator for defining environmental quality aims.

This quality policy is communicated to all employees of Zapolex Sp. z o.o. and is subject to current inspections and updates.