Print materials preparation

How to prepare the files

Work in CtP technology (Computer to Plate), Delta system and MetaDimension developed by Heidelberg company. Below we present general information connected with preparing materials to print. On our website you can find more details, in case of any doubt please do not hesitate to contact us.

P R E P A R A T I O N    O F    F I L E S

Files to be printed should be prepared according to the following guidelines:

Preferred composite pdf file format, ps is also acceptable. In order to prepare PDF files postscript printer drivers ought to be used. Fonts must be attached to the file if they are used. Should a publication contain the editorial page, it is necessary to add the footer of our printing house:


Torun Graphic Company ,,Zapolex" Sp. z o.o. 

POLAND, 87-100 Torun, ul. Gen. Sowinskiego 2/4


The whole publication should have the same page setup (format location - most favourably, if one publication page is centred on one print page).


The file name must include the following information: scope of pages, work title, material type. It is recommended to place the client's (publisher's) name as well. Should need be, zeros must be added to page numbers so that the final order is logical:

001-012_manual_mathematics_gymn.4_client (NOT: l-12_manual...)


Should correction be sent the file version must be placed. It is not allowed to send corrections by the same file name.


005_manual_mathematics_gymn.4_dient_cor                         or:




Material can be provided in the following manner:

  • cd/dvd; discs to be burnt should be of good quality, it is recommended to reduce burning speed, the disc should be described.. Discs should be properly secured in case they are dispatched (a 'buble'envelope).
  • FTP: server address to the anonymous account is, login ftp, password ftp. Should constant cooperation be established, contact our IT department with a request to establish an individual ftp account.. Before copying the material onto the computer open a folder in the form of the publication title.
  • e-mail: dispatched material should be sent to the address cc to the address E-mail is usually used for sending corrections, should the case be, name the file accordingly and include information in the file content which order the correction concerns, when and how the basic material was sent.
  • Insite - web interface INSITE

In case of every carrier the following information should be included - e.g. in a text file with contact data of the person responsible for the material and possible remarks.


After assemblies are made, impositions will be sent to you to be accepted. Please, agree on the acceptance form with the leading technologist. It can be a printout which is going to be sent to you or files together with the assembly will be sent to your ftp account. In exceptional situations we can send you the files by e-mail. Material acceptance takes place by sending back signed printouts or sending an e-mail with a confirmation that the assemblies forwarded in the form of a file are made correctly. The content or title of the e-mail should necessarily inform which material the release concerns (e.g. 'I release sheets 1-5 of the grade 4 mathematics manual order', not 'I release everything' or T release sent assemblies')

Should you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact: +48 (56) 653 03 26